Jews of Krakow

Let's take a peek inside modern Jewish life in Krakow!




While you were wandering around Krakow, you spotted from the distance a JCC building. You came in and the first person you saw was a smiling, non-Jewish volunteer at the reception desk, kindly asking “Hello, can I help you?”. Probably for you, like for almost all of the tourists, it would be a shock.

The idea of the whole volunteer program came from the reason that may sound a bit pragmatic. JCC of Krakow has always been seen not only as a heart of the Jewish community but also as the place where tourist can get information about the Jewish life, the Jewish monuments and the kosher shops and restaurants. JCC has to put forward the initiative of the volunteer team that is able to answer all these questions. Before becoming a volunteer, one has to master the knowledge about almost all of the aspects of Jewish life.




Once upon a time there lived a noble prince who decided to give to a local community a grand building…

Sounds like a fairy tale? In Krakow fairy tales come true.